Latest News

Fun With Benny wrapped!

Shawn Larkin’s winning project completed principal photography on September 29. The film stars Nate Dushku and Minerva Vier. Photography by Sion Michel, ACS.

Next Screening Series

We are currently accepting submissions. There is no deadline. All genres accepted, but must be under 45 minutes. Click here for submission info.

In the Short Skinny

Ray’s X-Vision- a new short written, starring, and directed by Hank Azaria.

Jim O’Donnell’s award-winning doc, “Ray4theNBA“.

Shortkutz -a quarterly DVD series showcasing short film.

Find a Storage Container – we keep all of our old films and documents inside a storage container located just outside of our office. Find a Storage Container was an easy place for us to add customizations to make it work better for storing our old films.

Script Contest Update

A Blue Christmas: Just played at the Valley Film Festival. Director of Photography Rob Sweeney has won Best Cinematography at Houston Worldfest. For more news, check out the website here.

2003 News: Finalists announced! Click here to see the list.