About Us

Short Film Group is a non-profit organization designed to support the vision of not only those beginning filmmakers who wish to sink their teeth into making short films as a means to an end, but also to facilitate and legitimize the vision of filmmakers who view the short film as an end in itself.

Our aim is to create exposure for quality short films of all genres in addition to providing educational and hands-on resources to assist filmmakers in the production and completion of their short film projects.

Short films are as viable a form of storytelling as feature films, short stories, novels or plays. We feel that the art of the short film has been overlooked in contemporary society. While shorts may serve their purpose for beginning filmmakers to create their reel, land that feature deal, or launch a commercial or music video directing career, they are also a singularly important art form as well as a growing force in today’s entertainment industry.

Short Film Group was formed in January of 2001 by a group of filmmakers. After several experiences making short films, they felt the need to share their knowledge of available resources while helping create opportunities for other filmmakers working in the short format.